What we offer

In partnership with Opp Project, LLC. and the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), Tulsa City of Learning connects youth and families to high-quality camps, clubs, and after-school programs.


We want to showcase
your offerings!

The Opportunity Project wants to ensure all Tulsa youth have the opportunity to engage in high-quality expanded learning programs, such as yours! 

Together, we can make meaningful, measurable change in the lives of young people.

Email info@theopp.org to find out how to showcase your community offerings.

Need assistance? Have questions? Email us at: info@theopp.org

Gain access to an array of specialized resources and benefits to improve your program!

Join The Opportunity Project’s Learning Partner Network to gain access to a variety of tailored supports, such as program evaluation tools, marketing assistance, personal and professional development trainings, and Tulsa’s Integrated Data-System for Expanded Learning (TIDEL).

Tulsa City of Learning is a joint initiative of The Opportunity Project and the National Summer Learning Association.